Adventure Time Recap: Marceline Opens Up In 'Simon and Marcy'

By Kendra Beltran

What is it about springtime that makes networks think people can wait weeks at a time for new episodes of their favorite shows? Luckily, "Adventure Time" was worth the wait because while the characters might be 2D, my tears were full on 3-dimensional as Marceline told a more in depth tale of why she puts up with the Ice King in “Simon and Marcy.”

The whole half hour was dedicated to this pair, but the first part of the 30 minutes was a repeat from season four, “I Remember You.” In case you are the only "Adventure Time" fan in the world who hasn't seen that tear jerker: it starts with Ice King wanting Marceline to help him write a song to pick up princesses. One thing leads to another and they’re singing heartfelt words the Ice King wrote when he was still sane and Simon about Marceline. He sadly doesn’t recall a thing as Marceline shreds along.


Now onto the new one that just pushed Ice King and Marceline’s history even more into the pits of your heart and twisted it ever so. Marceline, Ice King, Jake and Finn are playing some basketball when Marceline decides to tell Jake and Finn why she is able to stand Ice King.

Flashback 996 years when Marceline was 7 and Ice King was 47 and a normal Simon. The laughs come with Simon singing the Cheers theme song numerous times, once in a busted TV set while acting out the show, and another while fighting off monsters to defend a sick Marceline. I continued to laugh along with references to VHS tapes and a grape soda can as a remote, but I and I’m sure everyone else finally felt what Marceline feels for Ice King when he risks everything to save her from monsters and get her some chicken soup. Again, Ice King remembers nothing and goes on sinking shots to win the basketball game. I sat dumbfounded, but had to recall Marceline’s story I just watched.

Every other week you question Ice King and his motives with princesses, but while Ice King might come off as crazed to some (most), to Marceline he’s a savior. Guess it’s like when you have that crazy relative, the one no one in the world gets, but for some reason you always find yourself by them at Thanksgiving, smiling. A touching notch in the Adventure Time realm -- but can we get two new ones next week?

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