Will Scott Snyder Be The New 'Geoff Johns' At DC?


Scott Snyder seems to be everywhere at DC Comics these days: in addition to the best-selling "Batman" flagship title, he's set to team up with superstar Jim Lee on "Man of Steel." Leaving his own indelible "stamp" on the Batman Universe -- and perhaps Superman's as well -- the question has to be asked. Will Snyder one day assume the role (metaphorically or literally) that DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns holds at present?

Johns became CCO of DC in February of 2010, and was key in both shaping the "New 52" reboot as well as being a consultant on the "Green Lantern" movie. He has an open, fan-friendly writing style that looks "backward" into DC's rich history while trying to craft tales that are accessible to a larger audience. And he is without a doubt the man responsible for revitalizing both the "Green Lantern" and "JLA" franchises.


But is the tide turning in Snyder's favor?

Johns has been a seismic influence on DC well before his official appointment in 2010 -- arguably for at least the last 10 years, taking over from The Age Of Morrison. But times change, a comic book universe has been irrevocably rearranged -- and Snyder has been given the keys to the castle as far as the publisher's two greatest icons are concerned. One could hardly be surprised if even now, Snyder is being consulted on future DC-related movie projects...

Of course, this is all speculation. And I'm not insinuating at all that Snyder -- from all accounts a very likable, humble guy -- is actively vying for Johns' job.

But you have to wonder...what would a Scott Snyder-influenced DCU look like?

For that matter, what would a Geoff Johns-influenced Marvel look like?

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