Burt Ward On Killing Off Robin: 'Terrible Choice!'


Burt Ward, Robin during the beloved 1960s Tv series, has strong words for DC Comics regarding the recent death of the Boy Wonder. According to TMZ Ward said:

"Holy self-inflicted wound! Not good for corporate profits!"

To many people, Ward is still the iconic Robin figure they remember, popularizing the "Holy XXXX" phrases that has become part of our pop-culture vernacular. Important to note: the actor played the Dick Grayson version of the character (even changing his own last name because Batman's sidekick was the ward of Bruce Wayne), while the most current Robin is Damian Wayne, Batman's son. Still, Ward is none too happy about the news:

"It’s a terrible choice to kill off Robin. Why bite the hand that feeds you? ... Robin should only die in people's imaginations! Or in a state of primal ecstasy!"

A state of primal ecstasy? He might have this particular Robin confused with the one in that  movie parody I saw at my bachelorette party.

Still, his reaction brings up a good point: how many people know anything about current Batman continuity in the comics?

Holy Marketing, Batman!

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