Toy Fair 2013: 'Star Trek Into Darkness' KRE-O Tease Klingons

By Jim Kiernan

What we recently saw at Hasbro's Fan Media Day (celebrating Toy Fair) regarding the Star Trek line was a treat, and would easily be considered potential spoilers for anyone looking forward to the next big screen installment of the series, Star Trek Into Darkness.

If the designs for the KRE-O figures hold true, we got a pretty good idea at what the Klingons may look in the movie, not to mention right now as good as we’ll get confirmation they will appear in it at all:

KRE-O figures depict the savage warriors wearing helmets and having beards, and there were additionally toy versions of the Klingon Bird of Prey and Battle Cruiser.

Also on display was a new take of the USS Kelvin, and play sets based on scenes in the upcoming film directed by J.J. Abrams:

The line will also revisit characters throughout the history of the franchise, including Khan, Locutus, Worf and even the Gorn:

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