'V/H/S' Coming To Your VCR In A Very Limited Edition Tape

Interested in seeing the found-footage horror anthology "V/H/S" in the scummy, low-resolution format it was intended to be seen? Have a VCR?

The super-limited edition of "V/H/S" comes to us courtesy of Momentum Pictures, and if you can't tell from the pricing on the box, it's a UK outfit. There's a reason this tape will be so pricey: according to this Total Film post, not only were the materials to get it made hard to come by (not a lot of places are making big ol' VHS tapes anymore), but it's only going to have a run of 300 copies.

So if you plan to get one, make sure you've done the necessary maintenance on your VCR heads, run through one of those tape cleaner dealies and test it out on that old "Buzz Lightyear" cassette you probably have sitting around, because if this one gets chewed up, it's gone.

The last time I can recall offhand a studio doing something similar was for the Norwegian release of "Norwegian Ninja" which came in a high-res/low-res VHS/Blu-ray combo.

[Source: Total Film]