Your Eyes Will Pop At The New MacBook Pro's Retina Display!

"The most beautiful computer we’ve ever made" -- so said Apple CEO Tim Cook, rather modestly, about the new MacBook Pro unveiled at the World Wide Developer's Conference today. But with a crystal-clear Retina-display -- a first for Apple laptops -- and the lightest and thinnest construction ever for the MacBook Pro line, Cook's words were more than just PR hyperbole.

The next generation MacBook Pro, dubbed by Gizmodo as "the most amazing laptop we've ever seen," has a 15.4-inch screen with a stunning 2800 x 1800 resolution. Expect software updates to accomodate the higher resolution, with Final Cut Pro and Aperture getting upgrades.  The svelte device also weighs a measly 4.5 pounds and measures in at .71 inches -- and yet carries up to 768GB on its hard drive and rocks a quad-core of 2.7 GHz (thanks to Intel's super-  Bridge processors). Other goodies include two Thunderbolt ports, an HDMI port, a built-in SD card reader, USB 3.0, dual microphones and a quietly cooling internal fan. Not bad, if you have $2200 or so to spare on a laptop.

And gamers rejoice: Nvidia's Kepler GeForce GT 650M will make the new MacBook Pro an attractive option with extreme graphics. As if to drive the point home, the highly popular Diablo III was demonstrated on-screen at the WWDC.

Can't wait to try this sexy new MacBook Pro? Check it out at the Apple Store right now.

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