Watch Sailor Moon: The (Fan) Movie

You have to hand it to today's fan-made independent movies -- they have almost as many special effects and production values as many "legit" big-studio productions. While debates rage on about casting on the upcoming Akira movie, enjoy a live-action adaptation of another anime/manga classic: Sailor Moon The Movie (Independent Short).

This 20-minute not-for-profit short film features Avery Danielle as Bunny/Sailor Moon, Nick Uhas as Darien/Tuxedo Mask, and Liv Rose as Queen Beryl -- all with great costumes and F/X, and an original soundtrack. Not bad for a $5,000 budget, though of course the crucial element in any of these types of productions is the love for the characters that the cast and crew put into it.

Honestly, fan-made productions like this, Casey Jones: The Movie and Star Trek: Of Gods and Men fascinate me -- it's the DIY approach to fandom and movie-making. Sailor Moon The Movie even has its own IMDB page. While some might feel these types of productions might be an infringement on the original copyright holders, I think they are more like free promotion for the properties they showcase, keeping the love for these beloved shows and characters alive.

Sailor Moon fans, does this new film hold up to your expectations? Check it out below:

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