13 Year-Old Wins Awards For Life-Size LEGO Batman!

Batman and LEGOs are two of my favorite things on the planet, so you can imagine how excited I was when I found out a 13 year-old kid made a life-size LEGO Batman out of nothing but… you guessed it, LEGOs! What could be better than Batman forking over spare LEGO bricks while you’re rushing to finish your latest build?

The up and coming 13 year-old LEGO master behind this incredibly geektastic build is Evan Bacon. Evan says he used between 10,000 and 20,000 plastic bricks to bring the Dark Knight to life and it apparently took him 3 months to complete. At 6-feet tall one would think the plastic sculpture is pretty hard to move, but thinking ahead as any great builder would, Evan decided to build his LEGO Bats in three sections.

Evan’s three months of hard work paid off pretty big at a recent Brick Fiesta convention in Austin, Texas. He and Bats apparently nabbed three separate awards including Best Artistic, Best Youth Creation and the Public’s Choice Award -- who wouldn’t have voted for this?

The most surprising aspect of this life-size Batman is the fact that it’s so light. By making the sculpture almost completely hollow Evan was able to keep the weight down to a mere 60 pounds. If you want to see more photos of Evan Bacon’s life-size LEGO Batman, including shots of the build in progress, head over to MOCPages.com.

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