The Black Widow: A Street-Legal Steampunk Motorcycle You Can Order Today!

The team over at Putsch Racing blew us away with their turbine powered Batmobile a while back and now they’ve raised the bar once again with the Black Widow steampunk motorcycle, based off the bike Steampunk Holmes rides.

Steampunk Holmes is a character created by Richard Monson-Haefel and in the story Holmes rides an awesome motorcycle, dubbed the Black Widow. Monson-Haefel and Russian designer Mikky Solifague, of Solifague Designs (who also designed this steampunk bike) in Moscow, teamed up to bring the Black Widow to life. Now, Putsch Racing has been chosen to build the signature vehicle as they’ve gained international success thanks to their Turbine Bat Car.

The Black Widow will be built on an order only basis, but Putsch Racing plans on making the steampunk ride completely legal for U.S. roads. Because they are being built on an order only basis I can’t really tell you how much a Black Widow will cost, but from looking at the photos I’m going to assume it won’t be cheap.

If you want to learn more about Steampunk Holmes you can head over to For information on how to contact Putsch Racing about this amazing steampunk motorcycle head over to

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