MTV Geek Exclusive: Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg to Appear In An Archie Comic!

Archie and the gang have caught the social media bug! Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg is visiting the town of Riverdale later this year and MTV Geek has the exclusive scoop. And this week, the social network In-Your-Facebook invades Riverdale and spurs a popularity contest between Betty and Veronica!

The best friends who have often been rivals for Archie's love now go head-to-head to see who can get the most In-Your-Facebook friends! Will the kind and friendly girl next door win with her genuine personality? Or will the elegant heiress pull an upset and win it all? Witness a new take on the classic Betty and Veronica conflict in ‘Face-Off’, written by Angelo Decesare with pencils by Jeff Shultz. Pick up your copy of Betty and Veronica #252 and grab some popcorn, this no holds barred fight starts this Wednesday, February 16th!

The gang is polishing their keyboards in anticipation of a visit from Zuckerberg and his 100 million friends! It seems that local genius Dilton Doiley could have had something to do with the invention of the famous online social network. Is Zuckerberg coming to Riverdale to validate this or to refute it? Will Dilton take credit for the online enterprise and inherit a billionaire's fortune and business? Get ready for an intelligent argument between two binary-code savvy brainiacs, as Archie spoofs The Social Network with a social media battle of their very own!

Make sure to check back with the Archie news blog for the latest information on Zuckerberg’s visit, and other fun updates about the Riverdale gang!

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