Artist Eric Battle Battle's The Scourge!

New York City has become "an island of horrors" following the spread of a virus that's turned its residents into a horde of blood-thirsty gargoyles in Aspen Comics' The Scourge from The Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd, writer Scott Lobdell and artist Eric Battle.

We chatted with Eric Battle on the floor of the 2010 New York Comic Con about his work on The Scourge and his big screen hopes for the series.

"It's a lot of monsters and mayhem and excitement," Battle said when asked to describe The Scourge's plot. "My goal is to make each issue more exciting and better looking than the previous, so that when we're done, we have a very nice collection for print."

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Gale Anne Hurd, producer of not only the smash-hit AMC adaptation of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead, but also The Terminator, Aliens, Armageddon, The Hulk and many other geeky genre goodies is the driving force behind the series. Her involvement gives Battle high hopes for the possibility of a jump to the big screen. "Her studio is behind this project so we're hoping and looking for it to, once the comic issues are done, for it to hit the screen sometime soon," Battle said.

Check out the full issue of The Scourge #0!


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