Edeka / YouTube

This Christmas Ad Has A Twist Ending That's Making People Super Friggin' Angry

This grandfather's family is ... well ... not-so-great.

German supermarket Edeka released their Christmas ad on Saturday, Nov. 28, and the storyline is causing people to have a lot of different feelings -- some good, some very, *very* bad.

We don't want to ruin it for you, but essentially the ad is about the importance of remembering and honoring family over the holidays. It's gotten such a reaction that over 20 million people have watched it on YouTube in just four days. Why? You'll see.

Take a look below.

So, are you crying, or are you pissed AF? As you can expect, the reaction to the twist ending is ~pretty~ mixed.

The truth of the matter is that hundreds of thousands of elderly people spend the holidays alone, just like this fellow.

If you look closely during the montage of the grandfather eating alone for the holidays, he spends three separate Christmases alone, because the trees and decor change with each frame. (Shame on his family, for real.)

It's only then that he decides the extreme option of faking his own death (!!!) to get his family to visit him.


No matter how you feel about this ad, one thing is true: you'll definitely be thinking a little more about people who may be lonely this holiday season a lot more. ?