This Prank Perfectly Illustrates How Silly It Is To Be Mad At Starbucks Over Cups

"Can you perhaps make the name on it 'Merry Christmas'?"

In case you've been living under a caffeine-free rock, Starbucks' seasonal red cups have been having a rough year. Ever since they unveiled their more minimalistic cups earlier this month, they've been dealing with backlash from being too politically correct. The intent was to leave the cups open to interpretation, so people could apply their own unique traditions and customs. Instead, what vocal critics interpreted was that Starbucks hates Christmas.

Internet prankster Evan Era perfectly puts into perspective just how silly this all is in a recent video. His covert footage features him ordering drinks at several Starbucks locations, then cleverly switching out the cups with something customers should actually complain about. The result is a funny, awkward and good-natured practical joke that even made the baristas laugh in the end.

The bottom line? Save your energy for what really matters during this special time of year, because really, it's just a cup.

H/T Cosmopolitan