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YouTuber Sam Pepper’s ‘Best Friend Murder Prank’ Is Disgusting

WTF is supposed to be funny about thinking your friend's been murdered?

Let's just call Sam Pepper's latest "prank" -- in which a teen believes his best friend has been brutally murdered -- what it is: F--king shameful.

In the video, which is literally called "Killing Best Friend Prank," fellow YouTubers Sam Golbach and his friend Colby Brook, have their car "hijacked" in Los Angeles. A masked man then "shoots" Brook in the head. Golbach has no idea that the "murder" has been staged by video pranker Pepper and completely melts down, which is supposed to be hilarious, except for the fact that an event like this could traumatize someone for life.

This "prank" is not a good joke or a bad joke because it's not a joke at all. It's violence under the guise of entertainment.

Thankfully, many online have condemned the video, with some even calling for YouTube to pull Pepper's channel.

It's the latest controversy for Pepper, who was accused last October of raping several teens. One of his videos, in which Pepper used a fake hand to touch women without their consent, was ultimately removed by YouTube because of complaints.

Despite this, Sam Golbach took to Twitter to say he's "honestly not mad" about the video and that it's made his "friendship much stronger" with Brook.