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The Kardashians' Thanksgiving Pic Included A Lot Of Surprising Faces

But there's one thing missing...

Kylie Jenner shared a glimpse at the group who attended sis Khloé Kardashian's big Thanksgiving Day celebration dinner, and there were quite a few surprising faces in the family line-up.

She captioned the pic with, "thankful for my blended family."

First of all, yes, that is Tyga with his arm around Kylie, so, yeah, when she said they're "still together," she wasn't joking.

And Scott Disick was also apparently given an invite to the family affair because there he was on the left, holding a long john-clad Mason (who matched his BB sister and brother, BTW, because they're adorable like that). So, whatever acrimony might've existed between him and Kourtney after their break-up, they're at least keeping it cool enough to have dinner with her fam.

Oh, and Caitlyn Jenner totally does not seem to mind standing next to Kris Jenner's new love, Corey Gamble. So, that's good. Plus, Khloé was rocking a hooded sweatshirt that kinda looked like a crown from this angle which makes her the Queen of Thanksgiving, and she totally deserved it.

One question, though: Where's Rob Kardashian?