'Arrow' Season 2: Take A Look Inside The New Arrowcave!


By Charles Webb

One of the casualties of the massive earthquake in the season one finale of "Arrow" was the bow-wielding hero's hideout, the Arrowcave. Oliver Queen's (Stephen Amell) combination lab/dojo was a mainstay of the first season--a place for allies Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and Diggle (David Ramsey) to help Oliver in his mission to combat the conspiracy at the heart of Starling City.

But as we detailed yesterday, the vigilante has a new mission, and with that, new digs for his team. We visited the set of the new and updated Arrowcave, which will make its debut tonight in the season two premiere of "Arrow;" and of course, snapped some pics of all the bow-wielding action!



Sure, it's not the Batcave, but the updated Arrowcave has a new and improved lab and computer area.

Instead of packing up and moving somewhere else in the city, Oliver and the gang have opted to remain underneath the club, albeit with some modifications to what was a previously claustrophobic and grimy environment of season one. Gone is the feel of a leftover "Saw" set, replaced this year with a brighter, more open layout.

The new layout, along with a bright, shinier feel, reflects a change in the dynamic between Team Hood--one which Emily Bett Rickards describes as "stronger" after the five month jump. According to Rickards, the trio operates almost like a family, nound by their shared secrets and the struggles they survived in the first season. "The team would have this sort of good night thing they would do at the end of the night. And just even seeing Diggle say "goodbye" was just such a weight off. It's this expectation that we'll see each other tomorrow and it's just nice."



Oliver will have to find creative uses for his bow in season two now that he's chosen to go non-lethal

But what about Thea (Willa Holland)? How long until she discovers that her brother is operating as the vigilante underneath the club? "After the quake, I think Oliver was really good at covering it up," Holland says. "There's a point in the second episode of season two where she's trying to get down there and he has some quick, easy answer that solves any question of [Thea] ever wanting to go downstairs ever again.

But with the promise of more gadgets (and more allies this season), we'll definitely want to check it out.

The second season of "Arrow" premieres tonight at 8/7c on The CW. Check out some more pics from the set below!




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