"The Walking Dead" Producer Teases Comic Book Storylines In Season 4


by Alex Zalben

Earlier today, we posted an extensive interview with "The Walking Dead" Producer Gale Anne Hurd up on MTV News, but left out a little bit that should be pretty exciting to fans of the comic book. For those of you worried that the show has moved too far afield, worry no more. Talking about season four, Hurd had this to say:

"We'll actually have episodes in this season that fans of the comic book will very much identify with, recognize, and hopefully appreciate. But since we are divergent tracks... We have characters that don't exist in the comic book, there are characters who have been killed off who are still alive in the comic book, there's no way it can be the comic book come to life, nor did Robert Kirkman want to do that since the very beginning. But there certainly are touchstones from the comic book that fans will recognize this season."

Which begs the question: what storylines, or issues could the show possibly adapt at this point? Potential spoilers, but here are some storylines we might see coming up.

Return Of The Governor

This is the big one from issue #42 of the comic. We don't know if the Governor is out there still, or what he's doing—though we do know David Morrissey is still part of the cast. We haven't seen the iconic image of the Governor driving a tank up to the prison, so could that be what Hurd et al are teasing?

Hershel's Farm II: The Reckoning

Returning to Hershel's farm, the group encounters survivors Rosita, Abraham, and Eugene. Given that Christian Serratos has joined the cast as Rosita, we're going to bet this is the one. Big shocker of this particular bit, and one that would leave fans dying for the second half of Season 4? Eugene claims to know what caused the zombie outbreak, and how to stop it.

The Hunters

What's more disturbing than zombies eating people? People eating people. There's no doubt this arc, where a group of regular humans capture one of the group and proceed to carve him into delicious person-steaks will happen at some point... the question is when.


Robert Kirkman has stated that the worse-than-the-Governor villain won't show up for a while... but Kirkman lies.

Which comic book storylines do you think will pop up on season 4? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter!