Comics On TV: 'The Flash'

The Flash

by Ryan Rigley

As you all know by now, Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel" promises to be a fresher, more modern take on Superman while also potentially acting as a jumping off point for a much greater DC Cinematic Universe. In a recent interview with MTV News, Snyder dropped several big hints as to which key DC buildings may or may not be appearing in "Man of Steel," like LexCorp and Wayne Enterprises.

That said, can you imagine how crazy it would be if S.T.A.R. Labs made an appearance in the film as well? For those of you unfamiliar with the aforementioned reference, S.T.A.R. Labs is a fictional research facility that first appeared in "Superman" #246 but has since gone on to appear in popular DC TV series, such as "Smallville," and another not so popular DC TV series... "The Flash."

Series Statistics

Network: CBS

Broadcast Date: 1990 - 1991

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 22

After forensic scientist Barry Allen's crime laboratory is accidentally struck by lightning, Barry is flung straight into a cabinet full of dangerous unknown chemicals and subsequently receives the unparalleled gift of superhuman speed. Going to his friend Tina McGee, who works at S.T.A.R. Labs, for help, the former forensic scientist dons a deep sea diving suit prototype deeming himself a superhero known as the Flash.

Only lasting one full season, "The Flash" was never considered a commercial success. With its campy nature and cheaply-rendered effects, the series had a hard time finding its audience. In fact, multiple attempts were made to breathe new life into the series after its cancellation to no avail. It's a shame, really. The latter half of the first season features some surprising cameos from Flash's rogues gallery, including Captain Cold, Mirror Master, and the Mark Hamill as Trickster. Yes, Luke Skywalker played a rogue.


Odds are, if the series did get picked up for a second season, we'd be seeing a lot more of those types of cameos. Plus, the series had an amazing theme song composed by the one and only Danny Elfman!

Is it just me or does this theme song remind you an awful lot of Elfman's "Batman" score?

Notable Episodes


In this two hour long pilot episode, we see Barry Allen's complete and utter transformation from Central City crime lab expert to Scarlet Speedster. It's also pretty hilarious to watch Barry figure out how exactly his newfound speed-based powers work.

Captain Cold

Taking place on the hottest day of the year, four notorious gangsters are found frozen to death at the hands of the cold-blooded assassin, Captain Cold. Unlike his comic book counterpart, this version of Captain Cold is an albino hitman who freezes his victims with a subzero gun.

Done With Mirrors

Played by the Patridge Family's David Cassidy, Sam Scudder is a criminal genius and hologram expert that goes by the name Mirror Master. After Scudder's former partner seeks refuge with an old high school friend, Barry Allen, the Flash must team up with Tina McGee to put a stop to the mulleted madman.

Child's Play

Revolving around an insane drug cult lead by a man who faked his own death in the '60s, the Flash races against time as the crazed cult attempts to expose the entire city to a dangerous hallucinogenic drug called Blue Paradise. Also in this episode, the Flash plays the greatest electric guitar solo you will ever hear in your entire life.

The Trickster/Trial of the Trickster

Psychotic killer James Jesse decides to don a costume and call himself the Trickster after being thwarted by the Flash one too many times. After being captured and put on trial, Trickster manages to brainwash the Scarlet Speedster and the two costumed compatriots go on a murder spree across the city.

Sure, "The Flash" may have been too campy for most, but watch this clip of a brainwashed Flash and the Trickster throwing sticks of dynamite at the Central City police and tell me you aren't entertained. I dare you.

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