Amy Adams' 'Man Of Steel' Casting Decision Explained

Amy Adams

When Amy Adams was first cast as Lois Lane in "Man of Steel," people were at first somewhat surprised by the casting decision. Though most people are on board with the idea now, producer Deborah Snyder explained in a new interview why Adams was chosen for Lois.

"Amy is an amazing actor. With all the casting we tried to get the best actors we could, because it just gives it credibility. In so many ways we didn’t look at it as a genre superhero movie -- we looked at it as a great story that we were telling, and we wanted to get the best people," Snyder told SFX. "Amy embodied so much of Lois -- she’s feisty herself and she’s so versatile, and she was really just perfect for the role."

Snyder also opened up about the process of deciding on what Superman's costume would look like in the movie. She called the process "daunting," and also said her husband Zack Snyder tried to find a style he liked that featured Superman's underwear on the outside of his costume.

"We went through so many iterations of the costume and yes, Zack did try very hard to make the underpants on the outside of the costume work -- there are nods to it, with the belt and with some of the side detail on the costume, and that just felt more appropriate to the movie we were making," she said. "The other thing that was important for Zack was that the costume not come out of nowhere. It had to have a reason. ... [Krypton is] also a caped society, so when you go to Krypton he wanted to see variations of this costume. And knowing that it was a caped society he wanted that to be evident when we were on Krypton, so when Clark finally finds the costume and puts it on you’ve established where it’s come from."

"Man of Steel" hits theaters on June 14.

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