'Man Of Steel' Takes Over Empire Magazine

Man of Steel Empire

by Brett White

A ton of new images from "Man of Steel" have debuted in the latest issue of Empire Magazine. The magazine contains nearly a dozen new images from the film and sports two different covers. The dueling Superman and General Zod covers feature the central figures in full body portraits, giving us a detailed look at the Kryptonians. Plus they would also make for rad paper dolls if that kind of thing is your bag. I'm not here to judge; it's your Etsy shop!

The images certainly build on the uber-excitement fans have been feeling since the third trailer was released to universal acclaim. That's right, universal. Comic Book Movie has all of the stills from the magazine, and they're all worth checking out. You can check out the two covers and some of the images below, including one downright fierce Faora face.









See? Fierce.

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