5 Things We Could See From Roy Harper In 'Arrow' Season 2

Roy Harper

by Ryan Rigley

Starling City citizens beware. It looks like the purse-snatching heartthrob, Roy Harper, is here to stay. Making his debut in episode 15 of this season, Roy Harper (as played by Colton Haynes) is already slated to make an appearance in several other upcoming episodes of "Arrow." Plus, with the Hollywood Reporter breaking the news of Colton Haynes signing on as a series regular, it would appear as though we'll be seeing a lot more of Mr. Harper next season.

So far all we've really learned about Roy is that he lives on the awful side of town and that he may or may not make a living as a small time criminal in order to support his Vertigo-addicted mother. Oh, and he totally has the hots for Thea Queen (Oliver Queen's younger sister). But as any Green Arrow fan knows, there's way more to this down-and-out troublemaker than initially meets the eye. That being said, here are five things that we could see from Roy Harper in "Arrow's" second season.


In the comic books, Roy Harper is arguably one of Oliver Queen's best and most well-known sidekicks. Going by the nickname Speedy, due to him being faster than Oliver Queen himself, Roy Harper would later go on to become the infamous Arsenal and later the Red Arrow. On "Arrow," Thea calls Roy "Speedy" after he steals her purse. However, Thea's nickname is also Speedy, which leaves "Arrow" fans utterly in the dark as to who will be joining forces with the hooded vigilante.

Drug Addiction

After the Teen Titans split up and his girlfriend (Wonder Girl) leaves him, Roy Harper finds himself coping the only way he knows how: heroin. Returning home from a cross-country adventure with Black Canary and the Green Lantern, Green Arrow discovers his once-trusty sidekick with a needle in his arm and decides to kick him to the curb. We've already heard mention of drug problems with Colton Haynes' Roy Harper, so we could we get a full-on nod to this award-winning storyline next season.

The Guardian

There are two things that casual comics readers most likely don't know about Roy Harper. One: he was once in a rock band called Great Frog. Two: his uncle is a superhero called the Guardian. Based in and around the city of Metropolis, Jim Harper is the pinnacle of human perfection. Expertly skilled in hand to hand combat and fighting tactics, the Guardian sports protective armor and a shield allowing him to hold his own against the likes of even Batman.

The Outlaws

Currently, in the DC comic book universe, Roy Harper is no longer Oliver Queen's sidekick. In fact, he's a wanted criminal on the run with his fellow felons, Starfire and the Red Hood. Obviously, characters like Starfire (an alien princess from the planet Tamaran) have no place in the decidedly grounded "Arrow" universe. But there's nothing stopping Roy Harper and the Red Hood from having a team-up. Hell, we'd be happy just seeing Roy Harper in his comic counterpart's signature trucker hat!


Perhaps one of the most well-known scenes in Roy Harper's comic book history, "Cry For Justice" sees super villain Prometheus cutting off Roy's right arm with a poisoned blade. After waking from a coma several days later, Roy is given an artificially enhanced arm (made by Cyborg and Doctor Mid-Nite) and later relapses, returning to his drug-addicted ways as a means of coping with the pain. Can you imagine how awesome Colton Haynes' Roy Harper would look with a robotic arm? We sure can!

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