GALAXY GUIDE #15: Exploring Malekith's Kurse


Last week we were treated to on-set photos of the primary villain of "Thor: The Dark World," Malekith: The Accursed. While Malekith is certainly a formidable enemy by himself, he isn't the only Dark Elf whom Thor will have to contend with in the film.

Algrim The Strong, also known as Kurse, will be portrayed by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (of "Oz" and "Lost" fame). To learn just why he poses a threat to the Thunder God that may even rival that of the wily Malekith, read on.

Born to the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim, Algrim The Strong served Malekith as the Dark Elves' greatest champion, and was chosen to confront Thor when he invaded their faerie realm, as told in 1984's "Thor" #347, by writer/artist Walt Simonson. Malekith ruthlessly sacrificed Algrim, however, in a bid to destroy Thor, and Algrim was cast into a pool of boiling magma, burned almost to the point of death. His hatred for Thor burned as well, however, and the intense emotion attracted the notice of the cosmic entity known as the Beyonder, who had been using his vast power to experiment with the heroes and villains of Earth in order to learn more about them. In keeping with this pattern, the Beyonder saved Algrim's life, transforming him into the monstrous Kurse, a nearly unstoppable being with twice the strength of Thor.

Nearly mindless with rage, and seeking Thor out for revenge, Kurse instead encounters the alien Beta Ray Bill, whom he mistakes for Thor due to Bill having been granted similar power to the Thunder God. Bill was only able to survive the encounter by transforming back into his non-powered form, at which point the Thor-obsessed Kurse lost interest in him. Kurse continued his rampage in search of Thor, tangling with the kid superhero team known as Power Pack in the process, and gravely injuring the mother who was caught up in the destruction. Thor finally confronted Kurse, and though unable to physically best him, was able to make him realize that it was Malekith, not Thor, responsible for the trauma he had suffered. Kurse ultimately sought Malekith out, and slew him.

Malekith ultimately returned, and both he and Kurse have tangled with Thor a time or two since then. When working together, the two can present a challenge nearly impossible for Thor to overcome, but fortunately for the Thunder God, Kurse has good reason not to trust his erstwhile Dark Elf comrade. Will that arc of betrayal and vengeance be reflected in "Thor: The Dark World"? Only another journey across the galaxy and into the fabled Nine Worlds will provide us with that answer.

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