'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Director James Gunn Slams Taserface, Crushes Dreams


Who will the Guardians of the Galaxy be facing off against in their upcoming film debut? All signs are pointing towards Thanos as the big bad standing in the way of Star-Lord and his teammates, but that remains unconfirmed at the moment.

For now, here's one villain you can pretty much count on not causing any trouble for the Guardians: Taserface.

Director James Gunn, the man brave and insane enough to get behind the lens for Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy" adaptation, recently posted an update on his Facebook page regarding his research into the comic book cosmos. He kept the details at a minimum, but gladly offered that Taserface, who appeared as a villain in 1990's "Guardians of the Galaxy" #1, probably won't have a role to play in his film.

"Rereading old Guardians books, I came upon this villain," he wrote, posting a picture of Taserface. "Although I'm not discussing anything having to do with the Guardians movie, I will say the odds of Taserface making an appearance are quite low."

We don't think we're alone in saying this, Mr. Gunn: with dialogue like "What is the attraction of that insignificant mud ball" to his name, the lack of Taserface in "Guardians" is an epic whiff on your part.

(Not really. But kind of.)

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