Assembling Avengers: Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

by Ryan Rigley

Since the record-breaking release of "The Avengers" back in May, comic book fans all over the world have been wondering what's up next for Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sure, there are sequels to "Captain America," "Thor," and "Iron Man" in the works, but what about all of those other Marvel superheroes? Is there any chance that we'll be seeing some new faces in the "Avengers" sequel?

We'd like to think so, but for now all we can do is dream. Which brings us to our Avenger of the hour: Doctor Stephen Strange. Known throughout the Marvel Universe as the "Sorcerer Supreme," Doctor Strange would make an excellent addition to Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Especially if they're going up against someone as cosmically powerful as Thanos. Click past the jump to find out more about Doctor Strange!


Before ever learning a single spell, Stephen Strange was a gifted medical surgeon whose talent was only surpassed by his ego. Isolating himself from those around him, Stephen's cold and callous nature got the better of him as he traded in family and friends for fancy living. But all of that came to a screeching halt when he was involved in a car accident severely damaging the nerves in his hands, leaving Stephen unable to perform any type of surgery.

Learning of a mystical sorcerer called the Ancient One, Stephen traveled to Tibet with the hopes that the Sorcerer Supreme could heal his hands with a magic spell. It was here that he made his first selfless decision in many years — Stephen offered himself as a disciple to the Ancient One in order to become the new Sorcerer Supreme of Earth and fight the evil Baron Mordo and his loyal following of demons.


With Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet in the near future for Marvel Studios, Doctor Strange seems like a logical choice to aid The Avengers on their next intergalactic adventure. The Infinity Gauntlet, for those of you who don't already know, is a large, metal glove that harnesses the unstoppable force of the six Infinity Gems, granting its wielder complete control over Time, Space, Mind, Soul, Reality and Power.

In the comics, Doctor Strange plays an instrumental part in the fight against an all-powerful Thanos. In fact, at one point he was even tasked with leading the attack on the Mad Titan by Epoch, the omnipresent Keeper of Cosmic Awareness. Doctor Strange's mystical abilities would make him a huge asset to Earth's Mightiest Heroes. While Captain America and Iron Man can punch really hard and shoot repulsor blasts respectively, Doctor Strange can astrally project himself, cast teleportation spells, and invoke the aid of awesome entities from other realms.


It'd be nice if the Sorcerer Supreme got his own movie, but with five other films already on Marvel's plate it might be tough to squeeze this one in before the "Avengers" sequel. Which leaves us with two options: either introduce Doctor Strange in the beginning of "The Avengers 2" or make him a recurring character on the rumored ABC television show that's set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A Marvel TV show featuring lesser known superheroes, such as Doctor Strange, would surely be an instant hit. We could even see him popping up on that "Hulk" TV series that Guillermo del Toro is supposedly working on! After all, the two of them were both founding members of the superhero group The Defenders. Can you just imagine how incredible it would be to see The Defenders on TV?

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