'The Dark Knight Rises' First Clip Searches For Answers

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Just who is John Blake?

That is the question we've been dying to have answered ever since Joseph Gordon-Levitt's casting was first announced for "The Dark Knight Rises." Is Blake just the able-bodied cop that he seems at first glance, or could he end up being the man who supersedes Bruce Wayne's Batman? We'll have to wait to know for sure, but if there's one thing that the first clip from "The Dark Knight Rises" has shown us, it's that Blake is very passionate about his work.

In the above clip, Blake isn't willing to let Batman's legacy fade away just because he's been MIA for eight years. Little does he know that Commissioner Gordon already knows the identity of the Dark Knight, even though he's not sharing that priceless information with the rookie.

When MTV News caught up with Gordon-Levitt recently, we asked him to explain in his own words who Blake is as a character. His response definitely keeps in line with what we see here in this clip.

"What I love about John Blake is that he's an idealist amongst cynics. Gotham has become a cynical place. People are going with the status quo, and the fat cats are getting fatter," he explained. "He's this rookie cop who's like, 'Wait a minute,' and asking questions."

He added, "Questioning authority doesn't always get you the best reception, especially when you're new, but you've got to love a principled guy who actually wants to be a good cop and isn't just looking out for his own job or some sort of kickback. He cares about Gotham and he wants to be a good cop."

"The Dark Knight Rises" hits theaters on July 20.

Watch the full clip on YouTube.

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