Men In Black Suits Are 'Real,' Online Investigator Says

The Men in Black Suits are real — and we have a fourteen-year-old from the middle of nowhere to thank for that revelation.

BugEyes126 is the handle for an otherwise unidentified teenager who has been rigorously keeping track of extraterrestrial activity on Earth over the past several months. With the aid of numerous online followers, BugEyes' list of alien-exposing accomplishments include busting open the case of Clive and the Pink Surprise Cakes, and unmasking Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post as something decidedly inhuman. BugEyes' recent activities caught the attention of these so-called "Men in Black Suits" as well, recently resulting in him receiving a briefcase that promised to change his life forever.

Though BugEyes has since withdrawn from the web to focus on his new, top-secret assignments, the teen was gracious enough to contact MTV News to fill us in on both his previous and upcoming adventures. Read on for our exclusive interview covering BugEyes' alien research, his encounter with Huffington, and his near-death experience at the hands (or hand) of some unknown menace known only as "Boris."

MTV News: Tell us about how your interest in extraterrestrials first developed.

BugEyes126: Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always been fascinated by extraterrestrials. Call it intuition or call it crazy, but the universe is infinite and I have always had this gut feeling that extraterrestrial life is out there somewhere. Whether or not they were near Earth, or even already on it, I didn’t know, but I was always determined to find out. So in recent years I began keeping track of close encounters, rumored sightings, and abduction stories, and I started to notice a very strange pattern. With almost every instance, there were these mysterious Men in Black Suits that showed up. Needless to say I had to learn more about them, so I started to investigate online under the anonymous name, BugEyes.

MTV: Where does the name come from?

BugEyes: Funny enough, it actually came from a school nickname that some kids gave me because my first glasses were large and round and made my eyes look buggish. But I also thought it sounded like a cool alien name so I decided BugEyes would be a great code name for my mission to find the truth behind Men in Black Suits and the existence of aliens on Earth.

MTV: Let's talk more about these men. You’ve long said that “The Men in Black Suits” are real. Who are these guys?

BugEyes: I first noticed the mysterious Men in Black Suits when I started looking into the existence of extraterrestrials on Earth. Strangely, they were showing up at almost every rumored encounter I could find. It took me a while to realize what was going on, but it finally dawned on me. Not only did aliens exist on Earth, but these Men in Black Suits appeared to be covering it all up! It seemed obvious to me that they were a secret organization helping aliens live unnoticed here on earth, hidden in plain sight. The part I couldn’t figure out though was why they were doing it. So I started my blog and went on to Facebook to see if anyone else had encountered this strange organization and might be able to help me discover who they really were. The investigation that ensued opened my eyes to things I could have never imagined.

MTV: That very same investigation has hinged on help from the online community. Tell us about your online supporters and how they’ve assisted your efforts.

BugEyes: I created my blog to start posting about the things I was finding, and created both a hotline and Facebook group to see if there were others like me who had noticed the Men in Black Suits and wanted to figure out who they were. I thought there might be a few people who would join me, but I could have never expected the responses I got. Thousands of people started posting on my Facebook page and calling in to the hotline with tips on the Men in Black Suits and some very mysterious alien activity that appeared to be happening on Earth. They tipped me off about the Pink Surprise Cake, the location of Clive's Tattoo Parlor, and even gave me clues about possible extraterrestrials living disguised on Earth. Lady Gaga was easy enough to discover, but others, like Arianna Huffington, I would never have found without the help of the over 100 thousand MIBelievers.

MTV: I wanted to ask you about that last point, actually. Can you tell us more about the conflict between you and Huffington, and what you discovered about her?

BugEyes: I can't say who, but I got a tip from my hotline a little while back. They had read my posts on the Huffington Post and thought I should be aware that the person I was working for was in fact an alien! I was shocked at first, but now it makes sense. I mean, she runs one of the most globally respected news sites and inviting me to write for her was the best way to keep track of my findings. I had to call her out right away, and so I used my final post to do so. I wasn’t trying to put her in danger, but I had to find out what she knew about the Men in Black Suits, and calling her out was the only way she would respond. If you haven’t had a chance to see the video response she posted, you should definitely check it out. While she tried to disprove my accusations, the ending proves without a doubt that Arianna Huffington is an alien!

MTV: We were scheduled to speak last week, but heard you’d been injured in an accident. Do you suspect that the accident had something to do with your investigations into the men in black suits?

BugEyes: Believe it or not, I was run off the road by a strange vehicle while I was out riding my bike early Monday morning! While there was no doubt in my mind that it had to do with my investigation, I soon came to realize it wasn’t the Men in Black Suits that were to blame. I couldn't help but notice the vehicle's license plate read BORIS as it sped away. That same name had popped up in Clive's commercial and dumpster, so it was obvious someone wanted to keep me from digging deeper into Clive, his Tattoo Parlor, and his strange obsession with taking out the core of the Pink Surprise Cakes. Luckily, I was able to walk away from the crash without too many injuries and the encounter only served to fuel my investigative spirit. I spent the whole day looking into Clive, speaking with my fellow MIBelievers, and trying to get to the bottom of this whole extraterrestrial mess. Finally, I received a clue from one MIBeliever that changed my life forever.

MTV: I assume you're talking about your latest video blog, in which you received a briefcase containing a black suit. What can you reveal about your next adventure?

BugEyes: While I’m not supposed to be talking to you or anyone about this, I just had to share the news with all my fellow MIBelievers. I have officially been accepted into the Men in Black Suits! I can’t say much about who they are or what they do, but you can be sure that my days of investigating aliens are far from over. I am continuing to work on the investigation of Clive and this mysterious Boris, and we are getting very close to uncovering the truth behind all their recent strange activity on Earth.

MTV: This might be the last we hear from you for a while, so do you have any final words for the folks who’ve followed your exploits?

BugEyes: Thanks so much for all the help and for making my investigation as successful as it was. MIBelievers, I've said it before, you guys are amazing. I couldn't have completed my mission without you and your clues. Keep up your investigations, and maybe one day some of you will be joining me in my newest adventure!

See BugEyes in the "Men In Black 3" clip below!

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