Five New Comic Book Roles For 'Avengers' Star Clark Gregg In Today's Secret Identity

We're diving into "Avengers" spoiler territory here, so if you're one of the six people on the planet who still hasn't seen the record-breaking superhero movie, best turn away now.

For those of you still with us, well, you know why we're here. Following the events of "The Avengers," it would appear that the man who plays everybody's favorite stone cold S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Clark Gregg, is no longer employed within the Marvel Universe. There are theories surrounding his return, of course — some more probable than others — but with nothing confirmed yet, we'll have to look elsewhere to get our next Gregg fix.

But even if our Coulson quality time has reached its end, that doesn't mean Gregg has to step away from the comic book movie scene. Not by a long shot. Keep reading for five comic book movie roles we could easily see Gregg occupying in the future.

Clark GreggAgent C

Forgive us for having "Men in Black" on the brain — there is a new movie coming out this weekend, after all. We could easily see Gregg appearing in a future "MIB" flick in a quick cameo as a straight-laced alien investigator named Agent C, an overt wink-and-nod to his Marvel hero of yesteryear.

Clark GreggCecil Stedman

Sticking with the familiar, Gregg could get his government agent on again as the head of the Global Defense Agency in an "Invincible" movie. It would require a heavy amount of make-up to transform Gregg into the scarred, white-haired Cecil, but he's got the right chops to sell the character's no-nonsense personality to audiences far and wide.

Clark GreggDamien Lord

Speaking of makeup, there's a new "Sin City" movie coming out, in case you haven't heard, and someone needs to play the ill-fated Damien Lord. Not to kill Gregg again, but he would be excellent for the part, and it would be a nice turn against type: Lord is not a good man, a far cry from Coulson.

Clark GreggElongated Man

If you want to give Gregg his own superhero franchise — and man, I would love that — why not Elongated Man? The nose-twitching, stretch-happy detective isn't the most obvious DC Comics character to adapt for film, but a tongue-in-cheek noir flick starring Gregg as Ralph Dibny would be something I'd watch in a flash.

Clark GreggThe Vision

Let's not mince words here: this is the one that has to happen. The idea of Vision hitting the Marvel Universe with Gregg's voice and likeness is irresistible. It makes sense within the context of the Marvel movies, it introduces a fan-favorite character, and it keeps Coulson/Gregg fans happy. Marvel, take notice: the Coulson-Vision connection is a win in every sense of the word.

Tell us which comic book characters you could see Clark Gregg playing in the comments section or hit us up on Twitter!

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