'Avengers 2': Which Heroes Do You Want To See?

Avengers 2

By Joss Whedon's own admission, a sequel to "The Avengers" should be a smaller, more personal affair. But if the storyline holds steady from the post-credits scene (which we'll wait to the next section before spoiling, for those of you who haven’t made your way to a theater yet), there's really no way that a sequel won't be bigger, badder and out of control.

While we can't get hyped just yet—there are still pesky things like "contracts" and "schedules" to work out—the ending of "The Avengers" got us thinking about who we'd like to see join the team.

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Luke Cage / Power Man

While Cage's brawler-type powers don't make him too unique on a team featuring Thor and Hulk, it’s a natural fit: He already lives in New York City (perfect for a random team-up!), his personality would make for a seamless addition to the banter-happy roster, and his "Sweet Christmas!" catchphrase is ready-made for a talking toy. Maybe the last one isn't the greatest reason in the world, but the origin story of a convicted criminal turning good would be a nice emotional beat within the greater narrative.

Ant-Man & The Wasp

The absence of the founding Avengers members disappointed some fans, but including them would be as simple as writing a part for "S.H.I.E.L.D. Scientists 1 & 2" and tailoring the dialogue to fit their personalities. Visually speaking, it would be immensely cool to see a few million ants swarming a bad guy, or entering his ear to shut things down. (The same for any Giant Man possibilities.) With rumors that an "Ant-Man" movie may finally be moving forward, maybe Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne will be well-established by the time an "Avengers" sequel comes out.

Black Panther

Here’s where we start thinking big. Introducing T'Challa would show us where the Avengers stand in the world, and how their existence ties into American foreign policy. It's easy to see the Wakandan state being introduced as a threat, with the Avengers tasked to suss out the Panther's motivations behind arms building and isolationism. A team-up would inevitably ensue, and T'Challa would be inducted to the team as a reserve member, required for when the going gets global. Imagine the inevitable political pundit freakout about a superhero called the "Black Panther," too!

Captain Marvel / Noh-Varr

(BIG, GAPING SPOILERS) If a sequel gets made, then we already know who the villain will be: Thanos. Introducing the Mad Titan and his quest for absolute power is kind of a tall order for a two-and-a-half hour movie, but it’ll be easier if we give him a natural foe to pay off of. While old school fans would prefer to see the tragically doomed Mar-Vell in the role of Captain Marvel, it would make more sense to streamline the continuity and begin with Noh-Varr, simply because he's younger, cooler, and already the Captain in the regular comics universe. Start him off as a young Kree soldier tasked with putting Thanos down, and there's your premise for the sequel. Messing that much with the established history might rankle some, but it's not like the Marvel movies haven't deviated from the source material.

Ms. Marvel

As a human with Kree powers, Carol Danvers could be a more empathetic foil for Thanos. It might be easier to care about an American-born military woman opposed to an alien, but I imagine there are focus groups to work this sort of thing out.

Who do you want to see in the next "Avengers" movie? Let us know what you think in the comments below and on Twitter!