Who Should Play 'Avengers' Villain Thanos?

If "The Avengers" left us with any lingering questions — and believe us, it did — then one of the biggest concerns the possible villain in the sequel.

If you stayed through the credits, you know who we mean. If you didn't, we're talking about none other than — final chance for a spoiler alert, people —Thanos, the Mad Titan. A worshipper of death to the point of obsession, the purple-skinned alien has gone out of his way to achieve universal annihilation on more than one occasion in Marvel lore, and it looks like he'll do his best to bring his wave of destruction to upcoming Marvel Studios films as well.

The question is, who could play such an iconic character? As the part's likely to be heavily reliant on CGI, we're likely only in need of someone who has the voice to bring Thanos' power to life. On that note, we've got five actors whose voices are perfect for Thanos after the jump.

William Fichtner

One of the greatest character actors working today, Fichtner owes much of his success not only to his unique, slithery look, but that unforgettable voice of his. Take the satanic perversion of his Accountant from "Drive Angry" and mix it with the massive physicality of Thanos, and you'd have a brand new unforgettable villain in the great Fichtner-badass tradition.

Lance Henriksen

Voice acting roles are often a great opportunity for paying tribute to genre icons, so why not tip the hat towards sci-fi fans by casting the "Aliens," "Terminator" and "Millennium" star as the Avatar of Death? Henriksen boasts one of the most gravely, chill-inducing voices in the game, and would pack a hell of a punch as the voice of Thanos.

James Marsters

Fine, if it's a Whedon alum you want, there's no better Whedon alum to get for this particular job than Spike himself. Marsters would bring a lighter range to Thanos than these other candidates, but there's no doubt that he's good for the dark depths of madness the character requires. Plus, lord knows the actor needs to avenge his big-budget blockbuster reputation after "Dragonball Evolution."

Ian McShane

This requires no explanation as far as I'm concerned. Anyone who doesn't think the voice of swear-slinging Al Swearengen is up to snuff for Thanos does not need to be here anymore. That's right, move along, move along.

Tom Waits

I'll be the first to admit that this choice kind of doesn't make any sense. But just imagine a giant purple man clad in blue, shaking his infinity gauntlet at you, ripping into your soul with the voice of Tom Waits behind him. I don't know about you, but that's haunting stuff to me.

Who would you cast as Thanos for an upcoming Marvel movie? Let us know in the comments section or hit us up on Twitter!