Iron Man Can Change Actors Like Bond, Says Marvel Chief Kevin Feige

Iron Man

Would you believe it that "The Avengers" marks Robert Downey, Jr.'s fourth movie making an appearance as Tony Stark? (That's including the "Incredible Hulk" cameo.) But with several Iron Man movies under his belt and another one on the way, and at the age of 47, it's clear that Downey can't suit up forever.

That's why Badass Digest went straight to the man who can answer the tough questions, Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios.

Feige said that once Downey does pass off the suit to another actor, it likely won't be a reboot situation, opting instead to just keep the story moving forward, like James Bond.

"I think Bond is a good example," he told Badass Digest. "Let's put it this way: I hope Downey makes a lot of movies for us as Stark. If and when he doesn't, and I'm still here making these movies, we don't take him to Afghanistan and have him wounded again. I think we James Bond it."

If Feige is true to his word, this solution would help avoid an "Amazing Spider-Man" scenario, where a series is rebooted to its origin story only after a few years.

Of course, none of this means that Downey won't make a ton of Iron Man movies. Feige said that if RDJ wanted to make movies as he grew older, Marvel could make that work. "I think [the character] can age with the actor, if the actor stays with it," he said.

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