'Avengers' Stars Hoping For Cameos In 'Thor 2' And 'Captain America 2'

For the "Thor" and "Captain America" fans out there, you might be wondering what your favorite heroes might be up to beyond their very satisfying arcs in "Marvel's The Avengers," like the plotlines of "Thor 2" and "Captain America 2," for example.

Turns out the actors in question who play the two titular characters are wondering the same thing. When MTV News caught up with Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans at the film's press day over the weekend I asked them where we might find Thor and Cap in their respective sequels.

"I don't know. I haven't seen the script," Hemsworth said.

"I don't know either," Evans said.

Despite claiming to know nothing about the upcoming projects, Hemsworth did offer up a few thoughts about what will probably take place in a sequel to "Thor."

"Certainly the first one left with Thor needing to get back to earth and see Jane but there will be bigger problems as usual," he said. "But my big concern is how is Thor going to come to earth and not call upon the rest of his buddies now? That will be the trick to conveniently kind of skewer them off to different sides of the globe."

Why not solve that problem with cameos then? I asked the guys if they'd be up for making guest appearances in each other's stand alone Marvel movies and much like Mark Ruffalo's excitement for an "Iron Man 3" cameo, they seemed more than enthused about the idea.

"I'd love to, I think that would be a great thing," Evans said.

"We should do that!" Hemsworth agreed.

"I want to," Evans said definitively.

Now get Kevin Feige on the line to start working out those contracts...

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