'Dark Knight Rises' Rough Cut Screened For Warner Bros Executives


Someone out there in the world has already seen "The Dark Knight Rises." It wasn't us, but that at least means that the rest of the world is that much closer to seeing Christopher Nolan's final Batman film as well.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Nolan has screened a rough cut of "The Dark Knight Rises" to some top Warner Bros executives, including film chief Jeff Robinov and production president Greg Silverman. While there's still plenty of time for Nolan to tinker with the project, it seems like good news that he's finished an early draft of the film a good four months before it's due to hit theaters.

Honestly, this is good news, because things have been a bit too quiet on "The Dark Knight Rises" front recently. Aren't we due for a new trailer right about now? Or at least some new official images that are more exciting than this? Maybe screening the movie to top Warner Bros brass will help inform the marketing campaign for the project going here on out.

Having the film -- or at least a rough cut of it -- done early does raise another big question: Will "The Dark Knight Rises" be at Comic-Con? Though Nolan has never taken one of his movies to San Diego's film, comics, TV and general pop culture convention before, this could be the year to pop his cherry. "The Dark Knight Rises" comes out July 20, the week after Comic-Con, so it would make sense that he would bring something of the film there. And, can we be the first to speculate, maybe even hold the premiere at the convention like Jon Favreau did for "Cowboys & Aliens"? Fingers crossed.

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