'Chronicle' Is The Product Of Telekinetic Day Dreams

One of the fun elements in the upcoming superhero powers-oriented film "Chronicle," is that unlike other movies of the same genre, we see normal kids playing with their power. Normal teenagers rather, who have a lot of fun with their new found abilities via playing a few lighthearted if slightly mischievous pranks on unsuspecting victims.

When MTV News caught up with the film's director Josh Trank recently, we asked him what was involved in brainstorming the "pranks" and what inspired him to take the story in that direction in the first place.

"This was years and years and years of me creating a back catalog of ideas, almost viral-y ideas of kids with telekinesis filming themselves doing stuff in public," Trank said. "Like every other kid I used to daydream about moving things with my mind. So I always wanted to see that, but I didn't have a context for a story and one day the story just kind of hit me.

"I ran into an old friend Max Landis, who's a brilliantly talented screenwriter and we started talking and catching up about what we were both doing. He'd seen some of the videos I'd done online, we were both fans of each other's stuff and I told him about this idea. I knew he would think it was really cool and he stopped me in the middle [of my explanation] and said he wanted to write it and it was, we basically explored all those mini pranks that would happen right there in like a three-hour conversation," Trank recalled. "He wrote the script really quickly, in like two weeks and it was a great great script, he really knocked it out of the park and it was like this creative process of the screenplay and developing it was an outlet for everything we always wanted to do and see in a movie like this."

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