'Amazing Spider-Man' Game's First In-Game Screenshot


"The Amazing Spider-Man" movie tie-in game is actually looking pretty decent – based on the little bit Beenox and Activision have shown so far. We've previously seen concept art and a brief trailer, but now there's an in-game screenshot. A single, solitary, in-game screenshot.

A wealth of info it's not, but I suppose you can stare longingly at it, making up what the rest of the game looks like.

The screenshot appeared on the game's Facebook page on Friday evening, much to the delight of anyone who enjoys looking over Spider-Man's shoulder. Snark aside, I have to say that the textures on Spidey's suit are really popping, and despite some rather flat-looking buildings, the city does appear to have depth. Of course, the game isn't finished yet, and it's entirely possible Manhattan will look even better.

Earlier this morning, Beenox's Rodolphe Recca took the time to answer an "Amazing Spider-Man" fan's question on Facebook. User "Chris" asked if the game would contain side-missions, to which Recca answered in the affirmative. But more importantly, the game's lead designer mentioned that "Amazing Spider-Man" will actually return to some of the franchise's roots.

"Our game brings back free-roaming in Manhattan," said Recca. "Where you guys will be able to swing around and discover a variety of side missions, challenges and mini-games in addition to the main storyline."

OK, so my biggest demand of Beenox was the team taking a serious look at why "Batman: Arkham City" worked so well. If "Amazing Spider-Man" lets you swing around the city freely, stopping random crimes – this could be great.

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