'Walking Dead' Stars Weigh In On Life After Sophia

We "Walking Dead" fans are no stranger to death and depression on the show. From what we've seen so far over the course of the first and second seasons tells us that we must approach every episode with uncertainty and/or the knowledge that a major character could be offed or zombified at any moment.

Case in point: the show's mid-season finale during which the search for Sophia ended for good. MTV News recently caught up with Steven Yeun, Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus during the show's appearance at the TCAs over the weekend and asked them to tease what's next for our stunned survivors.

"For my character Carol, she's got to deal with the grief and how she's going to move forward," McBride said.

"I think for all of us she was a symbol of hope," Reedus added, speaking to the gravity of the loss of Sophia. "If we could hold onto her then [we'd] maybe save a little piece of ourselves as well. Once that went down, all bets are off and everybody's miserable and homicidal at this point, especially her," he said, pointing to McBride.

"I think keeping hope alive for her represented, even though all the odds were against finding her alive, you just sort of cling to that hope," McBride continued. "[Sophia represented] that unseen thing that's going to carry you through and to have her come through the barn the way she did, I think it's really throwing a lot of doubt on faith. What unseen thing is going to help us through this? Is it really out there?"

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