Christopher Nolan Defends Bane In 'Dark Knight Rises' Preview


The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly gave us a bunch of brand new photos from "The Dark Knight Rises," but perhaps the best insight came from the interview with Christopher Nolan, featured in the article accompanying them.

Since Nolan released the six-minute prologue in front of "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol," negative talk about the his choices for Bane's voice have dominated the conversation, something Nolan and Warner Bros. undoubtedly can't be happy with.

In EW, Nolan took an opportunity to plead his case and solicit trust from the fans he has thrilled for years. "I think when people see the film, things will come into focus," he said.

So more or less, "Don't worry, guys. I've got this."

Considering the films he's made, Nolan should have earned the unwavering support of his fans and Batman fans alike, but questions of his choices for Bane as the main villain and the sound of his voice still linger.

Nolan, once again, insisted that all would make sense when the final film is released. "Bane is very complex and very interesting," he said. "And when people see the finished film, people will be very entertained by him."

Nolan's brother and one of the film's screenwriters, Jonathan, also took time to address the same issue during an event for the Television Critics Association. "I've gotta tell you, I think what Tom Hardy is doing with the role is spectacular," Jonathan Nolan said. "I've had the benefit of seeing a little bit more than the audience has seen, at this point, and it's pretty spectacular."

As difficult to understand as Bane's voice was in the prologue, both Nolans have a point, here. All we've seen of Bane so far has been six-minutes from an unfinished film and a trailer. Things will undoubtedly change, and even if they do not, what we're missing here is any sense of context or how Bane and his voice fit into the larger structure of the film.

Trust in Nolan, guys. He's got this.

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