Nolan: 'Dark Knight Rises' Conclusion Was 'Emotional'

Dark Knight

"The Dark Knight Rises" is the last Batman movie Christopher Nolan will ever direct. But even though it's the filmmaker's decision, leaving Gotham City behind hasn't been without its fair share of bittersweetness.

“I tend not to be too emotional on the set, I find that doesn’t help me do my job,” Nolan said in an interview with Hero Complex. “But you definitely get a little lump in your throat thinking that, 'OK, this is going to be the last time we’re going to be doing this.' It’s been quite a journey. Hopefully, reflecting that journey — by all of us who made the films — in the three films together will make it so they have a real span to them, some real heft.”

As if it were even possible, there are more eyes on "The Dark Knight Rises" than Nolan's previous Batman efforts, considering that this is his last adventure alongside the Caped Crusader.

“It’s terrific, to have people that interested in something. It reminds you that it is a real honor to work on something that means so much to people,” he said in the interview. “I’d love to be able to claim that I invented the whole thing and that’s why they’re interested. I did not. I’ve been given a very precious thing to do my best with, to look after and not to let people down. There’s a certain amount of fear that comes with it and intimidation but it’s also a great privilege.

But even though fan intensity is at an all-time high, Nolan insists that he's doing his best to avoid any outside pressure on his creative vision.

"They want it to be great, they want to go enjoy it and they’re fascinated by it," he said. "You know, there’s always controversy regarding things that people will disagree with but hopefully they appreciate the effort of trying to make something good.”

For Nolan, even he can't escape the emotional weight that comes with saying goodbye to Batman.

“It was pretty emotional as we would finish these characters and say goodbye to Alfred for the last time and say goodbye to Commissioner Gordon and eventually, with Christian, fairly close to the end, saying goodbye to Batman … it was a big deal,” he confessed. “And with these newer characters too, finishing with Anne and all these guys. It was quite touching, I must say.”

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