Will Batman Die In 'Dark Knight Rises'?


The new poster for "The Dark Knight Rises" sparked the debate that the final Christopher Nolan Batman film might mean the death of the Caped Crusader, or at least Bruce Wayne.

I started the conversation in my weekly Batman column, The Weekly Rising, and I asked to hear from you over Twitter about what you think is in store for Bruce Wayne and Batman when they meet Bane in July.

There was no overwhelming consensus in your tweets, but generally, most of you don't think we'll see Bruce Wayne bite the dust, but he may be hanging up his cowl. Let's take look at some of your responses.

@KonCPT : We know that Bane broke Wayne's back in comics. Perhaps this is setting the stage for a new Dark Knight.

@martinkem : Bruce Wayne ain't gonna die in Dark Knight Rises, Bane might hurt him but he'd still rise above it

This is a definite possibility. We have to remember that while Nolan has a lot more freedom with his movies now that he's essentially a guaranteed box office success, Warner Bros. won't exactly be eager to see Bruce Wayne dead and gone. If Bane injures Wayne like he did in "Knightfall," that would be a way to reach the same thematic end without outright killing Batman.

@kmssp2008 : IMHO. Both Nolan, and Bale know that by enthralling the masses with the notion they are leaving after The dark knight rises. Only ensures massive numbers @ the box office. When the numbers are high we will see them return for a forth film. We will probably see Bale and Nolan return for a 4th film.

Again, we're taking Warner Bros. into consideration. The series is an absolute cash cow, and if you know anything at all about how modern studios think, letting go of a series like this is the last thing they want to do. We know there will be a reboot after this trilogy ends, but this is assuming everyone's plans stay the same and Bale and Nolan stay away from Batman for good.

@Malarkispleef : Wayne will not die physically, but Batman will die.A new face from The League of Shadows will take the mantle as a new hero. Robin.

The Robin rumors will not go away until July 20, 2012, when they're either confirmed or busted. Nolan has said in the past that he'll never feature Robin, but talk of the Boy Wonder just refuses to die. Will John Blake be the next hero of Gotham? If so, will he fly as the bird or the bat?

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