Jonathan Ross' 'Turf' Movie Rights Snatched Up


Having launched out of the production partnership of Chris Bender and J.C. Spink in 1998, Benderspink may still be a relatively new company, but it’s never slowed in securing a ton of comic-based entertainment properties, and now the team is staking out even more turf among untapped comic books.

Deadline reports that Benderspink has optioned the rights to "Turf," a five issue miniseries released in April of 2010 and set in 1920s Prohibition Era New York. But before you paint a picture of the period project, know that the Image-published story, written by Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards, bears little resemblance to “Boardwalk Empire.”

The book’s titular Prohibition Era turf war is fought not solely among gangsters, but vampires and aliens as well, in one cacophonous collage of pulpy plot trends. For real though, sounds like a bad time for drinking to be illegal.

Jonathan Ross is a well-known TV and radio host in Britain, while readers of "Hellboy" and "Daredevil" may recognize Tommy Lee Edwards from artwork he’s done on both series.

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