Kenneth Branagh Explains 'Thor 2' Departure


Because so many people liked Kenneth Branagh’s work as the director of “Thor,” just as many were surprised to learn he would not be returning as director for the sequel. Chris Hemsworth himself made it clear he was disappointed. And Branagh said he would love to work on another “Thor” movie, so what gives?

The Internet is filled with all sorts of rumors surrounding the director's departure, but Branagh, talking to MovieFone, can hopefully lay the speculation to rest.

"[It was] simply timing," he said. "I loved doing the movie, I'd love to do another movie for Marvel, and it was just timing. The requirement for me was just to get back in the saddle so swiftly that it wasn't really feasible, but it was a decision [Marvel] understood."

Being as classy as ever, Branagh went on to praise Patty Jenkins, who will replace him as director, saying: "I, along with a lot of other people, are very excited about the appointment of Patty Jenkins. I think that's a great choice to direct the movie.”

“I know that Kevin Feige and all the people I worked very closely with, who were absolutely parts of the creation of that movie, are keen to produce a great second picture,” he said. “So it was the right decision for me and for them and I am really looking forward to see how the second one develops."

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