'Amazing Spider-Man' Game Concept Art Emerges


Quebec-based game developer Beenox are having a sort of hit-and-miss go at licensed "Spider-Man" titles. 2010's "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions" was an enjoyable game, thanks to an engaging story and mechanics that felt fresh. This year's outing, "Spider-Man: Edge of Time," wasn't received so graciously by critics. So while details on the upcoming comic-turned-movie-turned-game "The Amazing Spider-Man" are slim, today we get our first glimpse at some concept art.

Thanks to Beenox studio head Dee Brown's twitter feed (via SuperHeroHype), we can gaze longingly at three rather attractive conceptual paintings.

The first picture shows what appears to be a lobby—or maybe front entrance—of the OSCORP Industries building. It was revealed back in May that the Green Goblin's front business would somehow work into the "Amazing Spider-Man" film, thanks to some pics snapped on set in New York City.

The second piece of art apparently showcases some inexplicable scene where a subway train filled with cash plows through a warehouse protected by dudes with machine guns. Spider-Man just watches all of this unfolding, apparently, and probably makes some sarcastic quip about the train always being late.

I'm not entirely sure what the third picture shows, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's Peter Parker's place. This could easily work as a central hub/save point between missions during the game's campaign.

Of course, concept art is precisely what the name implies—conceptual. There's no telling what the game itself will look like, how it will play, etc. Movie tie-ins are difficult, but Beenox are definitely more than capable of handling the brand. If "Amazing Spider-Man" can work from some of the strengths of "Shattered Dimensions," there's potential. If I may offer one suggestion, Beenox: Play a whole bunch of "Batman: Arkham City."

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