'Y: The Last Man' Creator Brian K. Vaughan Goes 'Under The Dome' With Stephen King

Under the Dome

"Lost" co-creator Damon Lindelof may have said it best when he tweeted, "Brian K. Vaughan adapting Stephen King's UNDER THE DOME is pretty much the chocolate meets peanut butter of writing."

It's true: Deadline is reporting that former "Lost" writer and creator of such comic series as "Y: The Last Man" and "Ex Machina," Brian K. Vaughan, has just been hired by Showtime to adapt the massive Stephen King novel, "Under the Dome." Showtime and Dreamworks announced back in August that they were moving ahead with a potential drama series based the novel and that the search for a writer had begun.

Those familiar with Vaughan and his work should spot why Lindelof found the pairing of writer and subject such a perfect fit. Vaughan joined "Lost" as a writer during the show's third season and stayed on through the fifth. His work in comics, specifically "Y" and "Ex Machina," certainly shares some resemblances to King's book, which follows a group of people as they cope with the invisible force field that has appeared around their town, trapping them inside.

This will be Vaughan's first return to working in television since leaving "Lost" in 2009.

News also broke today that another King property, the significantly less well-known "Rose Madder" will also be adapted, in this case for the big screen. Naomi Sheridan, the daughter of director Jim Sheridan, will write the script. There is no word on who will director or star in the film.

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