'Man Of Steel' Photos: Henry Cavill's Shirtless Superman

Henry Cavill is putting the man back in Superman. Not only is he sporting a wily muff of facial hair, but he’s rockin’ a gnarly chest beard. These new pictures just released today, courtesy of Crave Online, show the Man of Steel in all of his shirtless glory. Maybe they should change his name to Man of Marble, because he looks like he is cut out of it, amiright?

[Editor's note: That's the last time you'll see "amiright" on Splash Page. Maybe.]

Clearly Cavill hasn't missed a beat since his fitness regimen in his soon-to-be-released "Immortals." The actor is putting on his best Wolverine impression, and it's working. It's a refreshing sight to see a manly Superman for once: gone are the days of the hairless hero we once knew, and in are those of raw masculine power. Of course, this could just be a phase, as the photos were taken in Alaska, one of the settings for the film, and my money is on Superman emerging from his haggard state squeaky clean (shaven).

Ripped abs aside, what else is going on in these pictures? Good ol' Supes is rocking some tattered jeans, a pile of jackets, and some work boots. And are those drying salmon steaks I see there in the background? And a buoy? Is Superman a fisherman? Could be, but maybe not. We won't truly know the full story of why the Man of Steel is so down and out -- or what the hell tore up his Levi's -- until the movie hits theaters in June of 2013.

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