'Thor' Blu-Ray: Tom Hiddleston's Favorite Scenes

Tom HiddlestonAs you've seen via our various previews recently, there are a bunch of reasons to get your hands on the "Thor" Blu-ray/DVD today. The set is truly packed with deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes featurettes, an "Avengers" preview, etc. Plus, for those who don't love 3D (this girl!), it's great to see the film again in glorious, bright 2D.

To celebrate today's soon-to-be bestseller, MTV News recently caught up with breakout star Tom Hiddleston to talk about his favorite scenes and those he wished had made the final cut.

"I have a number of favorite scenes. Probably my favorite scene of all, just because it was a great day at work and will go down into my top ten days of work in my whole acting life, was the scene with [Anthony] Hopkins in the vault, when I find out that I’m Laufey’s son," Hiddleston revealed. "Up until that point we’d shot only action."

"The first proper acting scene on the schedule was that scene between Odin and Loki and it was Tony’s first day at work and he was excited and thrilled to be working with Kenneth [Branagh], and Ken was excited and thrilled to be working with Tony," he recalled. "At one point I thought to myself, ‘I am in a room with Kenneth Branagh and Anthony Hopkins and it’s incredible.’ The scene was just really fun and Ken made us all feel so safe and free to experiment and to play."

Hiddleston went on to say that his second favorite scene is one that didn't make the final cut of the theatrical release, but is featured in the Blu-ray and DVD's Bonus Features.

"There is a scene between Chris [Hemsworth] and myself at the very beginning of the film just before the coronation, which I guess didn’t make it in because you’ve got the scene with the two boys, which does the same job in a way," he explained. "It’s just before he’s being crowned king and we’re sort of teasing each other, I’m teasing him about whether he's ready, he puts on his helmet and I say ‘Nice feathers’ and he says, 'You’re not going to start this again,' we’re just being brothers. I turn to him and say, ‘I know, I’m joking. I’m very prod of you and I love you,’ and Ken made me play it absolutely straight so [Loki] means it at this point. They start out as two brothers who love each other in the most fraternal, epic way, and then the journey of the film splits them and turns them into adversaries. I was sad to see that one go."

"Thor" is available on Blu-ray and DVD nationwide today (September 13).

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