Loki Is 'More Gangster' In 'Avengers,' Says Tom Hiddleston

As much as I try to avoid spoilers, all the set photos and videos leaked from "The Avengers" are just too much fun to ignore. Not to mention the brief teases we've had from the cast and director Joss Whedon throughout the last few months. My favorite of the bunch is Tom Hiddleston, aka Loki, who is such a wonderfully warm and pleasant fellow, you almost can't believe that he's for real.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Hiddleston recently to discuss the upcoming Blu-ray release of "Thor" (out on September 13). We also got to chat about his "gangster" new costume, a set photo that leaked for which he did not receive the appropriate credit, and the challenge of playing nice during fight scenes with his fellow cast members. Check out what he had to say past the jump!

MTV News: We've seen some new artwork of Loki's fancy costume, how different is it from the one you wore in "Thor?"

Tom Hiddleston: It’s kind of, what’s the right word… it’s more gangster. If in “Thor” he was an Asgardian prince, in "The Avengers" he’s an Asgardian pirate. It’s evolved. It takes into account between the end of “Thor” and the beginning of "Avengers," [that] he’s been around.

MTV: What do you think of all the attention the production has received, and all the photos and videos that have appeared online?

Hiddleston: Jeremy Latcham, who’s the producer, showed me a picture that somebody took in Cleveland last week which was wrongly attributed to being a stunt double, but it was in fact me. It’s either the one when I’m being kicked in the chest or in the throat by Captain America, that’s definitively me. It was weird, we were out in the most public space in all of Cleveland which is that main square. We've tried to be so careful about keeping everything under wraps, just because you don't want the experience to be ruined before it comes out. But it was both difficult and exciting at the same time. It’s exciting to get instant feedback from what you’re doing. The Cleveland crowd was so great, whooping and cheering and happy to be there, they all came out and stood behind the barricades clapping and cheering, sometimes you look around and think, ‘Oh yeah, we’re making a big movie.’

MTV: How are all those fight sequences going? Are you guys getting bruised and battered?

Hiddleston: It’s so fun and so hard. I have had so many fights in this but it’s going to be breathtaking. The action in this film is going to be breathtaking. The stunt team is the greatest in the world, everyone’s really dialed in. That’s part of the reason you go to see "Avengers." You go to see what happens when all these superheroes go toe-to-toe. When half the people in the film can fly, you know it’s going to be incredible. The challenge is to make it dynamic and quick and athletic, but also I’m wearing 40 pounds of leather and metal.

It’s so funny because we’re all so gentle with each other. With Robert [Downey Jr.] I was like, ‘Shall I squeeze a bit harder?’ And he was like, ‘Just squeeze baby, squeeze. Keep squeezing, baby.' And then Chris Hemsworth had to properly tackle me, [he asked] ‘Shall I just nudge you in the shoulder, mate?’ And I’m like, ‘Just take me out buddy, otherwise it’s going to look rubbish,’ and you kind of get a kick out of the physicality of it and then you wake up every morning going ‘Awww, I've got a few cracks.’ But it’s fun! We’re making the "Avengers," you know. It’s too much fun.

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