Steve Jobs, CGI Yoda Replacements And Beer-Painted Batman In Today's Twitter Report

Batman in BeerI actually went light on the Steve Jobs retweets today. By now everyone knows the news about him resigning as Apple's CEO. However, you may have missed a few of the zingers that got tossed around the feed this morning and last night.

In other subjects, the art was strong with the last day's worth of tweeting. Ben Templesmith claims a Batman sketch he posted was painted in beer, which in addition to the fact that it's a Ben Templesmith Batman sketch makes the piece mighty rad. Check out a link to the big picture and Robert Kirkman's love for the CGI Yoda replacement that's coming to the new "Star Wars: Episode I" Blu-ray discs. It's all in the highlight reel below.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter Report for August 25, 2011.

@MrAdamFreeman Steve Jobs. iQuit. Didn't write that joke, but love it.

-Adam Freeman, Writer ("Dark X-Men: The Beginning," "The Highwaymen")

@badmachinery Woke up to all the Steve Jobs chatter. First thought: "he's dead". Second thought: "he's decided to put on a belt for the first time ever".

-John Allison, Writer/Artist ("Bad Machinery," "Scary Go Round")

@rstevens Fun fact: The iPhone is a failure. Its original mandate was to put millions of networked cameras in the wild to prove the existence of UFOs.

-R. Stevens, Writer/Artist ("Diesel Sweeties," "LOLbots")

@RobertKirkman News of a CGI Yoda in Phantom Menace has me stoked. I love all Star Wars... Even the not so great ones. I buy every damn release.

-Robert Kirkman, Writer ("Invincible," "Walking Dead")

"Game of Thrones" pt. 1: @GWillowWilson Cersei is the only fictional char I've spent energy hating. Yet in TV series she's resigned and weary instead of grasping and evil.

-G. Willow Wilson, Writer ("Air," "Vixen: Return of the Lion")

"Game of Thrones" pt. 2: @brubaker @GWillowWilson And really really hot.

-Ed Brubaker, Writer ("Captain America," "Criminal")

"Game of Thrones" pt. 3: @brubaker @GWillowWilson Sorry, I just love Lena Heady.

@Templesmith Photo: Chicago drink & draw. Painted with beer. (Taken with instagram)

-Ben Templesmith, Writer/Artist ("30 Days of Night," "Welcome to Hoxford")

@mouseguard Inking some Black Axe

-David Petersen, Writer/Artist ("Mouse Guard")

@BRIANMBENDIS in five years we will not recognize the comics industry, but the stories will still be told by caring, gifted artists

-Brian Michael Bendis, Writer ("New Avengers," "Ultimate Spider-Man")

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