'Captain America 2' Could Feature Falcon, Return To World War II

Captain AmericaOne of the best parts of this summer’s “Captain America: The First Avenger” was the film’s 1940s setting. The wartime plot served to ground the superhero tale while also giving it an entirely different feel from any of the numerous superhero flicks crowding your local multiplex. According to the screenwriting team of Chris Markus and Stephen McFeely, a “Captain America” sequel might look to revisit the character’s past.

Officially, the decade in which Captain America finds himself at the end of the film is a spoiler, but given his role in next summer’s “Avengers,” it should be pretty easy to guess where the hero ends up. But even though his next appearance in a Marvel film sees Captain America in the present-day, Markus and McFeely told NBC Miami’s Popcorn Biz that they already have a way to make sure the film’s sequel features some classic, two-fisted war-time action.

“The span of [Captain America: The First Avenger] is about two or three years, and there’s a few times in the film where you jump four months ahead, you jump six months ahead,” McFeely explained. “So we did that with the intention of saying, ‘Okay, there are certainly unseen adventures that Captain America went on in that period that if we want to, we can go back and explore later.’”

The screenwriting duo was also careful to acknowledge, however, that a key part of the Captain America mythos as it stands today is his role as a “man out of time.” In discussing a movie full of 1940s action, Markus admitted, “it might be doing a disservice not to address the present day Cap.”

Marcus and McFeely also spoke about some of the comic book character’s supporting cast, namely Sharon Carter (a present-day relative of the first film’s Peggy) and Captain America’s sometime partner, the Falcon.

“I want both of them!” Markus exclaims. “Sharon is meaty, almost to a point where you get a little uncomfortable because her relation to Peggy has shifted over the years, as time has passed…You have to walk a fine line there because it does seem like you’re dating your girlfriend’s daughter.”

In speaking about Captain America’s partner the Falcon, one of comics’ first black superheroes, Markus explained that while they probably won’t have the duo hitting the streets in the 1970s, he did think, “It would be awesome to go straight up, like ‘Shaft’ with Cap and the Falcon.”

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