'Dark Knight Rises' Recruits Pittsburgh Steelers, Bane Blows Them Up

tdkrIt was a big weekend at Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Christopher Nolan used the stadium to film an important scene in “The Dark Knight Rises,” and more than a few people were there, including some very famous ones.

According to multiple local reports, more than 10,000 people were in the scene, making noise for the fictional gridiron squad, the Gotham Rogues. In addition to these extras, real players from the Pittsburgh Steelers got in on the action, including Hines Ward, Willie Colon, Ben Roethlisberger, Heath Miller, Ike Taylor, Aaron Smith, Ryan Clark, Troy Polamalu, and Brett Keisel; rather than being extras in the stadium, they were extras for the Rogues. Bill Cower, a former coach of the Steelers, was also there to play the coach. Even Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl got involved.

There was also a part where Tom Hardy, playing Bane, got up and spoke to the crowd. Hypable has two videos dealing with this section. Well, the first is actually just audio, and it takes awhile before you get to hear anything. The second video, which is shorter, also has some shaky visuals.

(Check out the rest of the photos at Hypable)

If it's unclear what's happening, here's the lowdown (and the spoiler alert): Bane storms the game right after a kickoff and uses explosives to get everyone's attention. He seizes a hostage for himself and gives a sinister announcement. After getting pictures of Bane (both official still and action-packed production shots), this is our first look at the character, who's known for both his strength and intellect. Since we know Bane as a well-read and smart character, it leaves us to wonder what he's up to, because we know he'd do everything for a reason. It seems he's also stolen some tumblers, so he's getting in Batman's way however he can.

There was a call-out sometime back, which was posted here on the Splash Page, letting readers know about all the extras that were needed for this. Let’s hope a few of our faithful readers were able to be part!

“The Dark Knight Rises” is scheduled to hit theaters in July of 2012.

What did you think about listening/hearing Bane? Were any of you Splash Page readers able to be extras for this shoot? Let us know in the comments section or on Twitter!

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