Harrison Ford On 'Cowboys And Aliens' Costume: 'Don't Call It An Ascot'

This weekend sees the theatrical release of “Cowboys & Aliens,” in which action-adventure legend Harrison Ford gets back into the saddle as the hard nosed Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde. The star of the original “Star Wars” trilogy and the “Indiana Jones” series recently spoke with MTV News about his character’s wardrobe, and a specific piece of neckwear in particular.

“We don’t call it an ascot, we call it a scarf,” the actor explained. “They were a common feature of a cattleman’s wardrobe, because they could be used to cover your face in a dust storm, or mop your brow or tie around your neck to absorb sweat.”

But transforming himself into Colonel Dolarhyde wasn’t as simple as wrapping a bandanna around his neck. Ford went into more detail about the process of and reasons for developing a look for a character.

“First of all you read the script and figure out what the utility is of the character to the telling of the story overall. Then you set out to create a visual representation of that character so you don’t have to talk about it so much.” Ford told MTV News. “I think that’s important because audiences are very visually oriented.”

What do you think about Ford’s look and appearance in “Cowboys & Aliens?” Would you categorize the thing around his neck as a scarf, an ascot, or perhaps just a bandana? Tell us what you think in the comments section and on Twitter!