'Powers' Shooting, Rioting In Los Angeles And Nude Wolverine In Today's Twitter Report

PowersBrian Michael Bendis and Mike Oeming's tweeting odyssey on the "Powers" set continued this morning, and it seems as though the look of the new TV series may be having an impact on the comics. Bendis shared some sketch links, while Oeming described what the show is going for.

Los Angeles-based tweeters seemed a little confused last night, thanks to a riot that broke out at the premiere for a documentary called "Electric Daisy Carnival Experience." Marc Bernardin shared some insight into that, while Brian Denham mourned the loss of a naked Wolverine sketch he drew last week at Comic-Con International. Find out what happened and how much it sold for down below.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter Report for July 28, 2011.

@BrianDenham I drew a pretty badass pic of a nude Wolverine on a sketch cover at Comic Con. My buddy sold it for $5 when I left the table. D'oh.

-Brian Denham, Artist ("Iron Man: Hypervelocity," "Man-Thing")

"Powers" pt. 1: @Oeming Powers is filmed in a style that feels like a blending of noir from Seven and the harshness of the Shield via Eisner. Not kidding.

-Mike Oeming, Writer/Artist ("Powers," "The Mice Templar")

"Powers" pt. 2: @BRIANMBENDIS Mike @Oeming sketches of powers as it films yfrog.com/hsr44hwtj yfrog.com/kk7cpagj

-Brian Michael Bendis, Writer ("New Avengers," "Ultimate Spider-Man")

@marcbernardin The Hollywood Boulevard riots explains why there are helicopters in the air tonight. Every other night, however, is still a mystery.

-Marc Bernardin, Writer ("The Authority," "The Highwaymen")

@oliviawilde Kimmel was a blast. Hope the Jonas Brothers don't sue me. @Jon_Favreau tried to upstage me with a Tumbleweed but I still love him.

-Olivia Wilde, Actress ("Cowboys and Aliens")

@petergkrause Just got back from Cap movie. Has that serial feel. Tommy Lee Jones is fantastic.

-Peter Krause, Artist ("Irredeemable," "Power of Shazam")

@evilkalman Watched RANGO. Mayor looked like shit. Every single other thing was amazing. Also shades of Road Warrior meets Blacksad meets Chinatown.

-Kalman Andrasofszky, Artist ("NYX: No Way Home," "Dazzler")

@Rob_guillory How anyone can interview Grant Morrison and NOT ask him about how he apparently hung with aliens is beyond me. Maybe I'm just a dumb kid.

-Rob Guillory, Artist ("Chew")

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